Review: The Power of Intention Gift Edition by Wayne Dyer

I was very pleased that my second book to review as a Hay House New Release Reviewer was ‘The Power of Intention – Gift Edition’ by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Available at Hay House.  I just have to say that first off, I was struck by the beautiful, uplifting artwork on each and every page.  It is just a beautiful book to look at, and the tactile feel of the book is wonderful too.  It is a soft hardcover with glossy, smooth pages.  Just a delight to hold in your hands to read.

I have the original edition of The Power of Intention, which first came out in 2004.  I have read the book several times through over the years, but even more so, I refer back to certain chapters time and time again to get a little encouragement and kick start once again.  In fact I have two copies of the original; I had to get another one as my first copy was so highlighted and written in, that it was distracting to read!

I have read most of Wayne Dyer’s books, but I have to say that this book is my absolute favorite and has helped me the most.  The message as I see it, is the somewhat paradoxical method of not only taking control of what you think and intend, but to then release it and allow God/Source/Universe to take control.

I really like the Seven Facets of Intention: The faces of creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, unlimited abundance, and receptivity.  Wayne talks a lot about how these intentions create a high level of energy within yourself, and will also be an attractor for like high energy.  The book explains, in a very uplifting and practical way, how to connect with intention.  I like how at the end of each chapter, there are suggestions on how to implement the ideas of the chapter.  Plus, there is Wayne’s lighthearted, humorous take on the whole thing, with funny and heartwarming personal stories.

Even though I have read The Power of Intention many times, this beautiful gift edition was almost like reading a different book.  The calming and enlightening colors and artwork on the pages really added a new dimension to the reading experience.  I felt very calm and centered while reading, and was even able to pick up on certain things and phrases that I had overlooked in the previous edition.

I never thought that The Power of Intention could be improved, or even need improving, but here it is in its glorious gift edition even better than it was before!  I am quite certain that it will take permanent position next to my nightstand, ready to be referred to time and again – this time in living color.

-Marilyn Huttunen

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