The Fifth of July

Ahhh, the Fifth of July, how sweet the sound!  Or silence, rather.

I managed to make it through yet another year of ear-blasting pyrotechnics in the neighborhood.  We live in an area where fireworks are still legal to shoot off, and man, does everyone around here take advantage of that.  Endless hours of  BOOM, CRACK, POWS! I steel myself every year and try to serenely ride it out.

I am not so exploding-things inclined.  I really do think it is an inbred guy thing;  I mean, do you ever see packs of women detonating fireworks?  I don’t.  My son looks forward to the Fourth of July every year; where he can go with his friends to the Indian Reservation, buy illegal fireworks, and spend the whole night blowing things up to their hearts content.  That’s fine and dandy, just don’t expect me to join in; to have to listen to it is quite enough!

Another great thing about the Fifth of July, at least in Seattle, is that it is the unofficial start of summer.  IT NEVER FAILS!  We usually have a cool, rainy June through the Fourth of July.  And yes, it was cool and raining yesterday.  And then miraculously on July 5th, the sun comes out, the clouds part and the rain disappears, like clockwork.  Just another one of the quirky occurrences of living in the Pacific Northwest.  But certainly glad summer is finally here – Happy Fifth of July!


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