The Lure of the Snuggie

My SnuggieFirst of all, I will freely admit that I am now the owner of a Snuggie.  Yes, that one.  “The Blanket That Has Sleeves!”, 100% Polyester, and Made in China.  I wear it too.  This is a bit weird for me, as I have always thought that they were completely ridiculous.

It all started a couple months ago on the eBay Vintage Clothing and Accessories Discussion Board.  One vintie posted a thread about a site where you could order a free Snuggie.  We all started bantering about the Snuggie, but then more and more of us actually went to the site to order the free Snuggie.  I did too.  What’s odd is that I started kind of obsessing about the Snuggie and hoping it would soon come in the mail.   Weeks went by and I never got it, no one else on the board did either.  But my quirky longing never went away.  So last week I went to Target and found the Snuggies with all the other “sold on TV” items.  The only color they had left was a red burgundy.  So I bought it.

I am actually quite impressed with its quality.  The deep rich color is really pretty, and the “Super Soft Fleece” really is that.  It is amazingly soft and plush, with a velvety texture.  It is not skimpy on size either; it’s positively huge!  The open-at-the-back design is kind of strange.   There are two back panels that you can overlap, which is okay for sitting, but any movement will cause it to gap.  The sleeves are a nice feature.  I used to wrap myself in a combination of shawls, scarves, and blankets to cover all my limbs, now my arms will stay covered.

I will say that it is great for sitting, where you won’t be doing a lot of movement.  I like it when I use my desktop computer, or for reading on the couch.  The problem is when you have to get up and walk, very cumbersome to have to pick up the enormous length of the Snuggie.  The shoulders tend to fall off too.  I would definitely not try to cook or use the bathroom in it!

As long as you can cuddle up in it and not do a lot of moving around, it is fabulously warm and comfy.  You can also do what any practical fashionista like me does…read the latest issue of Vogue in it.  I wonder if Vogue Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour, wears a Snuggie?  Doubtful, but you never know!

Stay warm!


2 Responses to “The Lure of the Snuggie”

  1. finnfemme

    Yes, they actually DO make Snuggies for two! 😉

    I could only imagine how tangled up you’d get if one or both tried to jump up!


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