Warm Thoughts on a Snowy Winter Day

We got our first snowfall yesterday here in Seattle…and it’s darn cold too BRRRR!  Despite it’s northern latitude, Seattle typically doesn’t get too cold in the winter and snowfall is usually scant.  But we’re getting an Arctic front from Canada and their weather to boot!

I’m just north of Seattle and live on top of a 500′ hill.  Driving is not safe in the best of conditions here, and downright treacherous when the weather turns fierce.  So I just don’t drive!  There are always a rash of accidents when people try to maneuver the icy hills and ravines.

One day in the house and I’m feeling like I have a twinge of cabin fever!  Thank God for the Internet, books and electricity (I am so glad I have power).

I am digging out my Norwegian sweaters and cashmere turtlenecks – all the stuff I put away in spring,  the memories of their warmth long forgotten.  When I got them out I was grateful for their solid woolen construction.  Those Scandinavians knew what they were doing when they knit their toasty sweaters!

I tried out a new roasted potato recipe tonight too.  It was nice to heat up the oven to 475 and get a bit of extra warmth.  Comfort food tastes so good.

The extreme cold is expected to last the whole week.  It throws a wrench in most every one’s routine – and a lot of inconvenience and hassles ensue.  But sometimes a turn in situations is good for the soul and pause for reflection.  Then when things get back to ‘normal’, you appreciate it so much!

Keep warm!


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