Sweater Girl

I love sweaters! Just call me your sweater girl. 😉

There is just something about sweaters that stands the test of time and popularity – sweaters are always in style.  Fall is here and I look forward to wearing all my sweaters – I have a vast collection!

Around the world, cultures are noted for their individualistic sweaters.  Intricate Norwegian designs, complex Irish knits and Icelandic wools to name a few.  There is international appeal to be sure.   Fluffy angora, fuzzy mohair, plush cashmere and soft alpaca sweaters have devoted followers too.

I personally wear cashmere the most as it is lightweight, warm and non-irritating to my skin.  I do love to wear angora as it is so soft and the fluffy texture is amazing!  I save my Norwegian/Icelandic/Irish wool sweaters for the coldest of weather…when I don’t mind layering and looking bulky to stay warm.

Fall is here, winter is soon to follow…time to get out those gorgeous knits you lovely sweater girls and guys!


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