Middle-Age Charm School

OK, I confess; I am middle-aged.

The birthdays just keep coming every year, and my mind sometimes has a hard time wrapping around the age thing!

I keep going back to Coco Chanel’s quotes.  She has some pretty good ones regarding age that we should all consider.  I love the fact that she was active, interested and “alive” until her death at age 88.  She seemed to have an active love-life as well.

“Anyone past the age of twenty who looks into the mirror to be pleased is a fool.  You see the flaws, not the beauty.  Beauty is charm.”

Charm is such an old-fashioned concept these days.  Anyone remember Charm School?  It is the art of being interested in others, attracting, delighting.  Who doesn’t want to be around a charming person?  It’s something we all can work on…and it’s cheaper than Botox!

“A woman’s unhappiness is to rely on her youth.  Youth must be replaced by mystery.”

Yes, and what happened to a bit of mystery?  Does everyone need to know everything?  What is wrong with having a few secrets?  I say bring back the mysteriousness of life.

“After fifty you have to deserve your face.  Fashion changes – style remains.”

I for one,  love to see an expression-filled face, lines and all.  It shows you have a genuine life, happy and comfortable with yourself.   I am all for preventative care and living healthily.  Your body and spirit will reflect the attention you pay to it.

“I would never weigh heavier than a bird on the man I loved”

All right Coco – you got me!  I will admit that I am heavier than a bird! 8)


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