The Chanel Faerie Visited Me Twice Today!

I am an unabashed, unapologetic Chanel freak! Anything Chanel is on my list of holy-grails, and I’m always in search of those ever-so-elusive authentic Chanel items. Sometimes I just forget about actively seeking them, going back to finding “realistic” items because Chanels are so few and far between. That is, until today! 😆

I was on the hunt for angora sweaters. I was searching high and low in the store and none were to be found. I walked around the entire store twice and just before leaving, decided to look at the jackets. What do I see but a gorgeous jacket with a large Chanel Boutique label!!!! The original handwritten size and material tag was still attached. Amazing navy blue wool tweed, huge gold “woven” buttons, longer in length and form-fitting. I almost wept with joy. Size 40, so it is too small for me…some lucky buyer will get it on ebay…that is, after I sit and admire it for a spell (I like to be in the presence of Chanel, at least for awhile.)

Okay, I was really, really happy! I decided to continue my search for angora sweaters at another store. I’m going through the sweaters and what do I see? No, it cannot be! YES! Another Chanel! A beautiful blue, white and gold sweater. I look at the tag…yep…cashmere!!! Again, too small for me so it will eventually join the jacket on ebay.

Sometimes the Chanel Faerie decides to pay a visit when I least expect it…now, is it too much to ask for the Hermès Faerie to pay a visit? 😀


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