Spring is around the corner!

I feel the faint stirrings of springtime here in the Pacific Northwest…warmer temps, sunnier days and longer daylight hours.  After months of what seems like semi-hibernation in a swath of gray and darkness, it’s time once again to start thinking of shedding some of my “comfort clothing”.

I spend the whole winter wrapped in colorful cashmere sweaters, down vests, scarves, tall boots and the occasional Norwegian sweater.  There is a certain amount of security for me in these clothes.  Like my own little cocoon…no worries about having a tan (or lack thereof), shaved legs, or even a couple extra pounds! 🙂

Now here comes spring, and then summer…less clothing, more body.  More warmth and sunshine, more grooming worries.   There is always a trade off in life!

All the best,

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