Coty Does the 40s Pin-Up Red Lipsticks in the 70s

The Pin-Up Reds by Coty Originals, 1972

In the early 1970s, there was a definite ’70s does ’40s makeup and fashion trend. This 1972 Coty Originals ad is a great example. Coty was celebrating the 29th anniversary of the Coty American Fashion Critics Awards, and saluted the jitterbug, the upsweep, the funnies, short shorts and the oomphiest reds since ’43.

With a beautiful pin-up girl painting by “Horn”, it advertised Coty’s deep red lipsticks and blushers reminiscent of the 1940s. The lipsticks came in two new frosteds: Fireside Coral and City Scarlet. And two new creams: Plunging Pink and Rouge Red. The blusher had its own tinted glossy highlighter and came in Brave New Red & Shine and Rare Mauve & Shine. And they’re all as wonderful and sweet and terrific as candy stores, 78 RPM records, the Brooklyn Dodgers and 35 cent movies.


Knit a Vintage 60s Big Chunky Fluffy Wool Side-Closed Coat – Free Pattern

Side-Wrapped Coat, Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 1968

I love this beautiful knitted coat pattern from the Spring/Summer 1968 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. It looks very current for being 51 years old! Soft, fluffy white wool with a fleck of white in it. Knitted up on big, fast needles into a straight, side-closed coat. Knitting instructions are below – click on photo to enlarge.


Vintage 1940 Elegant Modess Sanitary Napkins Ad

This charming Modess sanitary napkin ad is from the October 1940 issue of Woman’s Home Companion magazine. It was likely at the start of their long-running advertising campaign of using elegantly dressed models and subsequent “Modess…because” tag line.

This ad uses “Soft as a fleecy cloud” caption, with emphasis put on the comfort and security of the napkin. Sanitary napkins were relatively new on the market, and they tried to show how you could dress nicely and be protected. I’m sure it was revolutionary for women as the most commonly used napkins, up until then, were cloth rags that you had to wash.


Crochet a 1960s Mondrian Style Afghan Throw – Free Pattern

This is a fantastic vintage 1960s Mondrian style/stained-glass effect blanket to crochet! Afghan-stitch throw is worked on a giant-size hook with two strands of yarn. Five strips, each with six colors are joined for a stained-glass effect. Afghan has single crochet edge: 54″ x 62″. Instructions are below. Click on image to enlarge.


Vintage 1945 Leslie Brooks for Max Factor’s Pan-Cake Makeup

This Max Factor ad from 1945 is very glamorous! It is for the original Pan-Cake foundation makeup created by Max Factor for Technicolor pictures. Pan-Cake was touted as creating a lovely new complexion, helped to conceal tiny skin flaws and it stayed on for hours without re-powdering. It must have been revolutionary at the time for ordinary women to have access to such “movie star” makeup.

As was customary in Max Factor’s advertising, they used actresses as models while promoting their latest movie. Leslie Brooks was featured in this ad. She starred in Columbia’s Technicolor Production of “Tonight and Every Night”. I am not familiar with the actress or the movie, but she certainly is lovely and the movie sounds intriguing!